“Bursts on the screen like a circus fire. A movie you’ll never forget.”
-Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker

“Fantastic documentary! Powerful… the life stories told and the experiences
of coming clean sell themselves.”
–Ernest Hardy, The Village Voice

“A passionate look at addiction, rehabilitation, and one man's intense
dedication to help others.”
–This Week in New York

“I'm Dangerous With Love has an energized desperation, a rawness that is
both refreshing and a touch frightening, a relentless honesty and, perhaps
just to give audiences a bit of breathing room, a little bit of humor and,
maybe a little surprising, a tremendous amount of heart… few films dealing
with addiction breathe as much life, passion and compassion as does I'm
Dangerous With Love, a film with words and images that will haunt you long
after the closing credits have rolled by. “
–Richard Propes, The Independent Film Critic

“A character study and revelation of a possible answer to addiction…(it)
rocks!” –Ronnie Scheib, Variety

Drug addiction has long been a popular subject for documentaries, but few
have conveyed its nightmarish aspects more vividly than Michel Negroponte's
"I'm Dangerous With Love."… riveting !”
–Hollywood Reporter

Negroponte puts us in the midst of what is happening, and we're glued to
it…for film-goers interested in furthering their knowledge and growth, the
movie is more than worthwhile. For anyone struggling with (or who is close
to anyone struggling with) addiction, it's a must.”
-James van Maanen, TrustMovies

“The film soars… masterfully edited… it’s an awfully good film that follows
a passionate and flawed character, grapples with its huge themes—addiction,
salvation, the importance of ritual—intelligently and subtly, and takes us
to worlds most of us never see. You can’t ask for more from a documentary.”

“A powerhouse! Brutally honest, hilarious, incisive, heroic. To capture a
character who lives against the odds is one thing. Negroponte doesn’t just
go the extra mile to capture story and character - he goes an extra light
year and takes the audience with him.” -Sheffield Doc/Fest

“An absorbing and at times exhilarating film that boomerangs from the
underbelly of Manhattan to the jungles of Gabon and back again.”
-Ross McElwee (Filmmaker of “Sherman’s March”)

“Intense, repulsive, yet hypnotic. The film itself is like a drug. It's a
trip… raw, poetic, entrancing.”
–Ross Anthony, RossAnthony.com

“Addiction is a wild, dangerous, intoxicating thing. So is I’m Dangerous
with Love. It’s like watching a car wreck in slow motion and fast forward,
simultaneously. You know that events are compressed, but there’s so much
gory detail that it feels like you’re living it all, too.”
–Greg Wright, Past the Popcorn

“A haunting, visceral exploration of addiction and one contemporary man’s
fearless and determined quest for healing and redemption through the
ancient wisdom of the Bwiti and their ‘magical’ plant, iboga. For those
seeking a path out of darkness, this film is not to be missed.”
-Charles Shaw, AlterNet

“Captivating viewing!” –Alex Roberts, TVSoundoff